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Interesting timing to say the least.

“Since being drafted by Colorado in 2005, the team and staff have meant a lot to me,” said Carey. “I am grateful to the Kroenke Sports & Entertainment ownership group and executive staff for giving me the opportunity to be the Mammoth’s general manager. I will miss being a part of the Mammoth,

but I am excited for my next chapter in Rochester, and I’m thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Pegula and the Pegula Sports & Entertainment executive staff for the opportunity.”

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“It doesn’t mean he’s done at all, he can still come back to us. We hold his rights. He can go and talk to other teams, but he can come back to us and we’re continuing the dialogue to, hopefully, come to a conclusion,” Lisk added.

Got to think at some point Lisk got to start making calls and see what other GM’s will offer in a trade. 

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Some interesting finical numbers in the article. If anyone was curious about how much it takes to run an MSL team.

Sorry Wings fans, Dallas can’t make it to the home opener, Tweet Here


The picture below is the link to buy season tickets for the New York NLL franchise.



When trying to place a $100 Deposit or $50 Deposit, we get taken to the following page.  Nice going New York and NLL.  Someone fire the intern.


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Where is Kevin Crowley?

“Kevin is signed to the Black Wolves under our franchise tag. The franchise tag is something the league gives us to “franchise” a player, pay him the highest base salary in the league, and protects the team’s rights to him.  Each team only gets one franchise tag.

In the summer, we franchised Kevin. We offered him a multi-year contract with the hopes that he would commit to the Black Wolves and be part of the plan to win a championship here in New England.  Kevin has chosen not to report to the team. We are adamant that we want players that are committed to the Black Wolves.  We have offered Kevin a contract that we believe is fair and would be thrilled if Kevin wants to play for us.”

Got to think something has to give sooner rather than later, between Crowley and the Black Wolves.  Could Day be dumb enough to mortage the future for Crowley? 


Vancouver Warriors Roster

Posted: December 11, 2018 in NLL, Vancouver Warriors

Well the intern finally woke up in the Vancouver Warriors office, and  got around to publishing the team roster.


10 – Joel McCready
11 – Jordan McBride
15 – Jean-Luc Chetner
16 – Mitch Jones
18 – Logan Schuss
25 – Dan Lomas
32 – James Rahe
44 – Tony Malcom
45 – Keegan Bal

Defence and Transition:
2 – Matt Beers (Transition)
3 – Jarrett Toll
7 – Tyler Codron
19 – Justin Salt (Transition)
26 – Zack Porter
27 – Owen Barker
29 – Colton Porter
34 – Mack Mitchell
41 – Reid Mydske
88 – Ian Hawksbee (transition)

61 – Eric Penney
77 – Aaron Bold

NLL Welcomes New York

Posted: December 11, 2018 in Long Island, New York, NLL, Uncategorized

Press Release

The worst kept secret in the NLL is finally official.  You can find the New York NLL site here

While it is nice to see the NLL expand. We have serious doubts if the New York franchise will be viable long term, given the numerous entertainment options available in the New York area.