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With Regy Thorpe and Joe Smith behind the bench. One has to wonder if we will see the Riptide try to be Team USA.


While the Premier Lacrosse League continues to chirp about a its “Saturday Night Sellout” in Baltimore. All is not well with the PLL when it comes to both attendance and television.

The PLL on NBCSN failed again to crack the top 150 cable shows and a .03 rating. Meanwhile the Saturday afternoon and Sunday PLL contests combined to draw 8.201 fans.

Are these number good enough to sustain the PLL over the long haul? Only time will tell.

B/R Subscriber Count

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More than 20,000 subscribers for the NLL channel on B/R live this past season. At least that is the number the league is telling people.  So take it with a grain of salt.

Now we might know why the Wings did not bother to protect a goalie in the expansion draft. Doug Buchan to misss MSL summer season due to a knee injury.

What impact will this have on Philly’s goaltending situation heading into free agency and the draft? We will have to wait and see.

You can read more Here.


Teams will submit a list of 11 players they wish to protect ahead of the Expansion Draft.

Per the CBA, a maximum of five forwards and one goaltender can be put on a team’s protected player list.

Well the league has published the protected players lists. Some interesting names available to Rochester and New York.

Curious move by Philadelphia not protecting a goaltender.  Let the bitching by Philly faithful begin.

Anyway let the backroom deals begin in earnest. Check out the lists below.



December  2019 

December 7 Home vs Ottawa  1 PM ET

Flyers do not have any home games scheduled for Friday nights during the month of December.  Guessing those Friday nights will go to the Sixers and Wells Fargo Center is hosting Disney on Ice starting December 27.

If we had to guess Wings open at home December 14. 

January 2020

Flyers play at home Saturday January 11 and Saturday January 17 both games set for 7:00 PM ET.  Friday nights again look to be reserved for the 76ers.

February 2020

Flyers have one Friday night home game on Feb 28th against the NY Rangers.  Flyers play at home on Feb 1st vs Colorado 1 PM ET and Feb 22 vs Winnipeg 1 PM ET

March 2020

Flyers play at home  Saturday March 7 vs Buffalo 7 PM and Saturday March 14 vs Minnesota 1 PM.

Press Release

More political correct bullshit from the league.  Just remember to snip the ponytail kids.

Press Release

Rock keep two key pieces of the roster from testing the free agent market. Both deals are two years in length.


PLL Sunday in Baltimore

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While the Premier Lacrosse League continues to trumpet the Saturday Night Sell-Out ( Did the PLL give out freebies? )

The Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon crowds paint a more realistic and bleak picture when it comes to attendance for the PLL.

Sunday Afternoon


Saturday Afternoon 


Day and Night PLL Baltimore

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Saturday Afternoon Baltimore

Why didn’t the Premier Lacrosse League put the Saturday night game on NBCSN? Notice how the Premier Lacrosse League is not acknowledging the poorly attended Saturday afternoon game.


Saturday Night Baltimore