Thoughts on Wings Roster

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Miller and Wiles – Contract issues.

Offense – Like the make up of the offense. As long as they move, cut and set picks. Thul, could be a nice surprise. However, if the Wings go back to the old stand around and pass and blast from outside. Things will not go well.

Defense – With the number of rookies and Americans on this unit. It will be trial by fire. I would expect a lot of high scoring games. Hopefully Johnny M, can bring in a box experienced vet or two. To help this unit out.

Goaltending – Miller (when signed) and Kirk will probably see more rubber than other goalies in the league this season. With a young and inexperienced defense. Miller and Kirk will have to stand on their heads at times.

Overall – With reduced roster size and the Wings continued commitment to developing American talent. It is amazing that the team that finished 7-9 last season. Has taken a step back. On paper this is a six or seven win team. Likely to miss the playoffs in a very competitive East division. Wonder if management regrets trading away what will be likely high 1st and 2nd round picks right now.

  1. dougm says:

    had hopes for wiles but i see better talent out there, or at least hungrier….
    who knows maybe nooch does return? 🙂

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