Playoff Picture becoming clearer.

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

NLL East

    Buffalo 6-2 – Troy working his magic in Banditland.
    Rochester 6-2 – Defending champs enough said.
    Toronto 3-4 – Jekyll and Hyde
    Philadelphia 3-6 Free falling
    Minnesota 1-6 Can they catch Philly at least?

NLL West

Edmonton 7-0 – They just keep rolling
Calgary 4-5 – Starting to heat up?
Colorado 4-6 – Next 3 games Roc, and Col at home. On road at Buffalo. Can they win 1 of the 3 at least?
Vancouver 4-7 – Need Colorado to lose. Tough road ahead. @CGY @Edm Home vs Cal and Buf coming up.


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