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The Lakers force game seven with OT win. John Grant scored both goals in OT for the Lakers. Shawn Evans led the Lakers with seven points. On three goals and four assists. Tyler Carlson made 39 saves for the Lakers. Jeff Shattler led the Chiefs with five points. On three goals and two assists. Evan Kirk made 40 saves.

Game 7 happens Sunday night in Peterborough. Face-off is at 8 PM EST. Winner plays the WLA Champion Victoria Shamrocks. For the right to hoist the Mann Cup. The Mann Cup starts September 5. Winner of Six Nations / Peterborough series hosts.

Box Score


Connecticut signings

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Connecticut, NLL

Ryan Hotaling
Mike Poppleton
Kevin Buchanan
Michael Diehl
Brian Megil

All signed one year agreements. While tryout camps and training camps are still off in the distance. Look for Connecticut to give the American players. The best opportunity to play in the NLL this winter.

2015 NLL Schedule

Posted: August 28, 2014 in NLL

    Week Day Date Matchup Time (ET)
    1 Fri 2-Jan Buffalo at Connecticut 7:00PM
    1 Sat 3-Jan Edmonton at Buffalo 7:30PM
    1 Sat 3-Jan Toronto at Rochester 7:30PM
    1 Sat 3-Jan Colorado at Minnesota 8:00PM
    1 Sat 3-Jan Vancouver at Calgary 9:00PM

    2 Sat 10-Jan Rochester at Connecticut 7:00PM
    2 Sat 10-Jan Calgary at Colorado 9:00PM
    2 Sat 10-Jan Minnesota at Edmonton 9:00PM
    2 Sat 10-Jan Toronto at Vancouver 10:00PM

    3 Sat 17-Jan Buffalo at Vancouver 10:00PM

    4 Fri 23-Jan Buffalo at Toronto 7:30PM
    4 Sat 24-Jan Minnesota at Connecticut 7:00PM
    4 Sat 24-Jan Toronto at Rochester 7:30PM
    4 Sat 24-Jan Vancouver at Colorado 9:00PM
    4 Sat 24-Jan Edmonton at Calgary 9:00PM

    5 Fri 30-Jan Minnesota at Buffalo 7:30PM
    5 Fri 30-Jan Connecticut at Edmonton 9:30PM
    5 Sat 31-Jan Calgary at Toronto 7:00PM
    5 Sat 31-Jan Buffalo at Rochester 7:30PM
    5 Sat 31-Jan Colorado at Vancouver 10:00PM

    6 Fri 6-Feb Rochester at Minnesota 8:30PM
    6 Sat 7-Feb Buffalo at Calgary 9:00PM

    7 Fri 13-Feb Toronto at Minnesota 8:30PM
    7 Fri 13-Feb Edmonton at Colorado 9:00PM
    7 Sat 14-Feb Minnesota at Toronto 7:00PM
    7 Sat 14-Feb Rochester at Buffalo 7:30PM
    7 Sat 14-Feb Calgary at Vancouver 10:00PM
    7 Sun 15-Feb Colorado at Edmonton 4:00PM
    7 Sun 15-Feb Rochester at Connecticut 6:00PM

    8 Fri 20-Feb Connecticut at Toronto 7:30PM
    8 Sat 21-Feb Buffalo at Rochester 7:30PM
    8 Sat 21-Feb Vancouver at Calgary 9:00PM
    8 Sun 22-Feb Colorado at Connecticut 1:00PM

    9 Fri 27-Feb Toronto at Edmonton 9:30PM
    9 Sat 28-Feb Colorado at Buffalo 7:30PM
    9 Sat 28-Feb Calgary at Rochester 7:30PM
    9 Sat 28-Feb Minnesota at Vancouver 10:00PM

    10 Fri 6-Mar Toronto at Colorado 9:00PM
    10 Sun 8-Mar Calgary at Edmonton 4:00PM

    11 Fri 13-Mar Toronto at Buffalo 7:30PM
    11 Sat 14-Mar Buffalo at Toronto 7:00PM
    11 Sat 14-Mar Connecticut at Minnesota 8:00PM
    11 Sat 14-Mar Vancouver at Edmonton 9:00PM
    11 Sat 14-Mar Rochester at Calgary 9:00PM
    11 Sun 15-Mar Minnesota at Colorado 9:00PM

    12 Fri 20-Mar Connecticut at Calgary 9:00PM
    12 Sat 21-Mar Edmonton at Toronto 7:00PM
    12 Sat 21-Mar Minnesota at Buffalo 7:30PM
    12 Sat 21-Mar Colorado at Vancouver 10:00PM

    13 Sat 28-Mar Minnesota at Connecticut 7:00PM
    13 Sat 28-Mar Edmonton at Rochester 7:30PM
    13 Sat 28-Mar Toronto at Calgary 9:00PM
    13 Sun 29-Mar Vancouver at Colorado 9:00PM

    14 Fri 3-Apr Rochester at Toronto 7:00PM
    14 Fri 3-Apr Connecticut at Minnesota 8:30PM
    14 Fri 3-Apr Calgary at Colorado 9:00PM
    14 Fri 3-Apr Vancouver at Edmonton 9:30PM
    14 Sat 4-Apr Connecticut at Buffalo 7:30PM
    14 Sat 4-Apr Minnesota at Rochester 7:30PM
    14 Sat 4-Apr Colorado at Calgary 9:00PM
    14 Sat 4-Apr Edmonton at Vancouver 10:00PM

    15 Fri 10-Apr Vancouver at Toronto 7:30PM
    15 Fri 10-Apr Edmonton at Calgary 9:00PM
    15 Sat 11-Apr Colorado at Rochester 7:30PM
    15 Sat 11-Apr Buffalo at Minnesota 8:00PM
    15 Sat 11-Apr Calgary at Edmonton 9:00PM
    15 Sun 12-Apr Vancouver at Connecticut 1:00PM

    16 Fri 17-Apr Connecticut at Toronto 7:30PM
    16 Fri 17-Apr Rochester at Colorado 9:00PM
    16 Sat 18-Apr Calgary at Minnesota 8:00PM
    16 Sat 18-Apr Colorado at Edmonton 9:00PM
    16 Sat 18-Apr Rochester at Vancouver 10:00PM

    17 Sat 25-Apr Vancouver at Buffalo 7:30PM
    17 Sat 25-Apr Connecticut at Rochester 7:30PM
    17 Sat 25-Apr Edmonton at Minnesota 8:00PM
    17 Sun 26-Apr Buffalo at Connecticut 6:00PM

    18 Sat 2-May Connecticut at Buffalo 7:30PM
    18 Sat 2-May Rochester at Minnesota 8:00PM
    18 Sat 2-May Edmonton at Colorado 9:00PM
    18 Sat 2-May Calgary at Vancouver 10:00PM
    18 Sun 3-May Toronto at Connecticut 6:00PM

Merrill traded to Rock

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Connecticut, NLL, Toronto Rock

Connecticut franchise receives players and picks.

Toronto receives
Brodie Merrill
2015 2nd Round pick

Connecticut receives
Mike Burke (F)
Craig England (D)
2014 second round selection (17th overall)
2015 first round pick
2016 second round pick

Pending how the picks pan out. Toronto wins this trade easily. Connecticut gets hosed. Even with Merrill forcing the trade. Connecticut should of gotten a better return.

Press Release

The Shamrocks scored the first four goals of the game and never looked back. Corey Small led the Shamrocks with four points. On two goals and two assists. Matt Flindell made 36 saves in net. Ben McIntosh led the Burrards with three goals. Frankie Scigliano made 40 saves.

With the victory Victoria moves on to the Mann Cup. Awaiting the winner of Six Nations / Peterborough MSL fianl.

Box Score

With the game tied 1-1. The Lakers scored the next five goals and never looked back. Shawn Evans lead the Lakers with seven points. On four goals and three assists. Matt Vinc made 41 saves. Cody Jamison led the Chiefs with five points. With two goals and three assists. Evan Kirk made 39 saves. Chiefs lead the series 3-2. Game six goes Friday night at 8:00 PM EST in Six Nations.

Box Score

Tied 5-5 after two periods. The Shamrocks used a 5-2 third period to earn the win. The Shamrocks scored five straight goals in the third period. To bury the Burrards. Rhys Duch led the Shamrocks with seven points. On three goals and four assists. Matt Flindell made 34 saves. Ben McIntosh led the Burrards with six goals. Frankie Scigliano made 37 saves. With the victory. Victoria takes a 3-1 series lead. Game five goes Wednesday night in Victoria. At 7:45 PM PST. Dor or Die for the Burrards.

Box Score

With the game tied at 1-1. The Chiefs scored the next five goals. The Lakers crawled there way back into the game. Pulling within 7-6 in the third period. Before the Chiefs scored the next two goals to put the game away. Cody Jamison had a five point night for the Chiefs. On two goals and three assists. Evan Kirk made 30 saves in net. John Grant Jr led the Lakers with five points. On four goals and one assist. Matt Vinc made 24 saves. Six Nations leads the series 3-1 Game five goes tonight at 8 PM EST in Peterborough. Do or die for the Lakers.

Box Score

Game was tied 8-8 after 60 minutes. In OT Zack Porter, Curtis Dickson, and Patrick OMeara scored goals for Maple Ridge. Tyler Haas scored the lone goal for Victoria. Ben McIntosh led Maple Ridge with five points. On three goals and two assists. Frankie Scigliano made 53 in saves. Corey Small had 3g 1a to lead Victoria. Victoria leads the series 2-1. Game 4 goes Monday night in Maple Ridge. 7:45 PM PST face-off.

Box Score

The Burrards got as close as 4-3. The Shamrocks scored the next seven goals. Dhane Smith led the Shamrocks with eight points. On four goals and four assists. Cody Hagedorn made 34 saves. Ben McIntosh had six points to lead the Burrards. On four goals and two assists. Victoria takes a 2-0 lead in the series. Game three goes Sunday night in Victoria. 6:00 PM PST. Victoria leads the series 2-0.

Box Score