French Quotes on Relocation

Posted: August 8, 2014 in NLL

“We loved it in Philly,” Mike French, the president and owner of the franchise said at Wednesday’s news conference inside the casino’s Cabaret Theatre. “It’s a crowded market. It was hard for us to be relevant. Here, we will be relevant. There’s a WNBA team and a lacrosse team.

Notice how he never mentions the ownership downfalls in Philly. Or how French and co took a once proud franchise. Running the franchise int the ground with their decision making.

“We do have rules,” French said, “but it’s not a game for the faint of heart. We do crosscheck, but you have to do it from the side. You can’t hit a guy from behind. It’s a physical game. It’s rock ’em sock ’em. Occasionally, there’s a little bit of a skirmish. The game’s always been that way. A lot of the players are fearless. A lot of them, I wish they’d wear more equipment.”

Oh give me a break. The physical aspect has disappeared. MILL era was physical. The NLL era became family friendly.


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