Rookie Report Week 2

Posted: January 12, 2015 in NLL

Taking a look at round one players. In their NLL debut.

  1. Ben McIntosh Edmonton  2 goals,  6 shots,  4 loose balls 3 Shots off goal.
  2. Jeremy Noble Rochester Hold Out waiting for trade to western team.
  3. Miles Thompson Minnesota 3 goals 1 assist 8 shots on goal 5 shots off goal 3 loose balls
  4. Eli McLaughlin Colorado 2 goals 1 assists 5 shots on goal 1 shot off goal 2 loose balls
  5. Shane MacDonald Minnesota Did not play
  6. Mark Cockerton New England Did not play
  7. Robert Hope Colorado 4 Loose Balls 2 shots on goal
  8. Quinn Powless New England  2 assists 3 shots on goal 1 shots off goal 5 loose balls
  9. Brandon Goodwin Buffalo Bandits did not play week 2.

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