Arena Lacrosse League

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Amazing what you can find bouncing around Linkedin.

President at Arena Lacrosse League

Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of preparing the Arena Lacrosse League (ALL), a new summer semi-pro league. If everything goes as planned the ALL will begin play in late May 2016 in various cities across the United States. Each organization will also have a Junior ALL program for players of all ages, race, and gender regardless of skill level. This program motto is ‘safety, skills and fun, with a little competition thrown in’. Our vision is to grow the Arena (indoor/box) brand in the US, teaching young players the skills of playing indoors in a safe environment. Growing American indoor players from grassroots to the top level will also grow the game worldwide, we have a great model to do this and hope that many of you that will read this will be encouraged to learn more and to get involved.

We do know the league will operate during the heavy saturated fieId season but we will work with the outdoor game to ensure players can play both as they do here in Canada. I send this out to the group today as we would like to send out more information to you through email if you are interested in learning more. If interested, reply here or email me directly –


Paul St. John
Arena Lacrosse League


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