Where are the Fans?

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

The attendance for NLL playoff games typical suck. I think we might of hit an all time low this weekend. When the defending NLL champion Rochester Knighthawks only had 5,808 asses in the seats.

This continues a trend of declining attendance. As the league wide total attendance and the per game average drop. Thanks in part to two sinking franchises ( New England and Vancouver)

2014 Regular Season Total Attendance 763,901 

2014 Regular Season per game average 9,430

2014 Playoffs Total Attendance 104,340        

2014 Playoffs Per Game Average 9,485 

2015 Regular Season Total Attendance 726,632

2015 Regular Season per game average 8,970

*2015 Playoffs Total Attendance 36,052

*2015 Playoffs Per Game Average 9,013

*Data as of 5/16/2015

Both dropped compared to 2014 figures. One can say, there are various at play. Is it a blip on the radar? Or a trend? Only time will tell.

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