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The makeover in New England continues. With a desire to play close to home. Wolves land NLL MVP Shawn Evans. Giving up just acquired Tyler Digby and two first round picks in 2018 and 2019. Calgary ships a third round selection in 2018 as well to New England.

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So much for Billings and Crowley to work their magic. Return seems light. For someone of Billings caliber.

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Saturday Dec 12 at 8 PM EST. at the Blue Cross Arena.  The season is getting closer.

2016 NLL Rule Changes

Posted: October 19, 2015 in NLL

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Future expansion

Posted: October 17, 2015 in NLL
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So NLL commissioner George Daniel confirmed that Allentown and Ottawa. Are potential sites for future expansion. As the exhibition games will serve as a test run. Never mind that Ottawa already failed once before. With the Ottawa Rebel. 2001-2003. How went 9-37.

Ottawa vs Toronto December 5 at TD Place. A 10,000 seat arena home to the Ottawa 67’s of the OHL.

Buffalo vs New England December 19 at PPL  Center. Sure just add salt to an open wound. By bringing the former Wings franchise back for one night. To test a new market.

Now as for Allentown.This looks to be where the new Wings will land. Even though I cannot see sustained successful. If they expect former Wings fans to support the franchise. No confirmation yet. That the phantoms owners are one of the groups talking to the NLL.  Even though Allentown should draw more than New England and Langley on average. If granted a franchise.

Be happy with what you have. As the NLL seems unwillingly or unable to take the next step. To think when Jim Jennings, was commissioner. The mandate was to become the fifth major sport. Now the NLL and it’s franchises are just trying to survive.

New England vs Buffalo in Allentown

Posted: October 14, 2015 in NLL

When: December 19

Time: 7:00 PM

Where PPL Center

Allentown has been in the NLL rumor mill, since last season. Consider this a test run.

Black wolves trade 2015 1st round pick Dan Linter, to the Rock for Kevin Crowley. Got to think this deal was done. To reduce the travel burden on both players. Plus if Linter maybe refused to report. Black wolves also send the higher of two 2016 seond round picks to the Rock.

Should be interesting offense for the Wolve with both Billings and Crowley. Cannot get any worse? After scoring the second fewest goals in the NLL 186 last season.

At the 10,000 seat TD Place Arena. Saturday December 5 at 7 PM EST. The Ottawa Rebel lasted three seasons in Ottawa from 2001 – 2003. Could a return to Ottawa via expansion be in the cards? I highly doubt it.

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Ryan MacSpadyen fith round 41st pick. Voided cause McSpadyen is attending college in the US. Did Black wolves management not know this?

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Harrison, will be in charge of the offense in Georgia. There is some nice pieces on offense to work with. Led by the Thompson brothers. As the Swarm look to improve upon 185 goals for last season. The worse in the nine team NLL.

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