Allentown and Ottawa

Posted: December 20, 2015 in NLL, Uncategorized

Allentown 2500 (maybe)

Ottawa 3500

Well thinking we can cross off. Both these cities as potential future expansion list. Allentown did not have the correct turf. Teams played on an indoor football field. Black wolves jersey were lost.

Unfortunately the NLL has peaked. Now the league will continue it’s downward slide. Any potential ownership groups. Have to see these numbers. Thinking we will lose tons of money. Plus we no television money to help struggling franchises.

As fans of the sport. Here at Prolaxtalk. We sure can find better things to do on weekends. Since the league is too family friendly and quite boring. Stop catering to the lacrosse community. Go out and get the non lacrosse fans. You will need them.

Bring back the physical aspect of the sport. The difference between the MILL era and NLL era is night and day. The current product lacks excitement.

Things should be interesting when the CBA comes up in a few seasons.





  1. dougm says:

    allentown? really?

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