Stealth Exit

Posted: January 11, 2016 in NLL, Uncategorized

Attention Nick Sakiewicz, trouble in Langley. Lack of fans and money losing franchise. The franchise has been struggling since it’s days in Albany. Both on  the balance sheet and to attract fans. As the wins do not come. Neither do the fans.

Will Watkins pull the plug? Seems like we are getting closer to the tipping point.

“I don’t want to say we have to make the playoffs this season to survive, but it’s hugely important to make the playoffs to show our fans we are a great team worthy of their support.” – Doug Locker

Unless things start trending in a more positive direction, there’s a point where Watkins is going to look for something or somewhere different. Could be five years down the line. Could be three. Could be sooner.

Locker takes exception to the critics or the social media rumour mill that suggests the Stealth are in imminent danger of relocating.

Watkins, who lives in Pleasant Hill, Calif., says she has traveled “hundreds of thousands of miles” attending her team’s games and functions over the years. She figures it has cost her more than $14 million to operate the NLL franchise since the Stealth played in San Jose, Calif. (2004 to 2009), then Everett (2010 to 2013) and now Langley.

“But we don’t have Facebook money. We don’t have a bottomless pit to keep it going at all costs. We need to fill all the seats at LEC just to break even.”

Sounds like the team might have one foot out the door already.


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