2016 Draft Order

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Subject to change of course.

1. Saskatchewan (from Vancouver)
2. Toronto
3. Saskatchewan (from Rochester)
4. Georgia
5. Calgary
6. Rochester (from New England)
7. Rochester (from Colorado)
8. Georgia (from Buffalo)
9. Saskatchewan
10. Georgia (compensatory selection)

11. Vancouver
12. Toronto (from Toronto via New England)
13. Buffalo (from Rochester)
14. Georgia
15. Calgary
16. Buffalo (from New England)
17. Georgia (from Colorado)
18. Buffalo
19. Saskatchewan
20. Georgia (compensatory selection)
21. Calgary (compensatory selection)

22. Georgia (from Vancouver)
23. Toronto
24. Georgia (from Rochester)
25. Georgia
26. Calgary
27. Calgary (from New England)
28. Georgia (from Colorado)
29. Rochester (from Buffalo)
30. Saskatchewan
31. Buffalo (compensatory selection)

32. Vancouver
33. New England (from Toronto)
34. Rochester
35. Georgia
36. Calgary
37. New England
38. Colorado
39. Buffalo
40. Saskatchewan

41. Vancouver
42. Toronto
43. Rochester
44. Georgia
45. Calgary
46. Colorado
47. Buffalo
48. Saskatchewan

49. Vancouver
50. Toronto
51. Rochester
52. Buffalo (from Georgia)
53. Calgary
54. New England
55. Colorado
56. New England (from Buffalo)
57. Saskatchewan

The Swarm, Roughnecks and Buffalo Bandits were awarded compensatory draft selections as a result of losing players to unrestricted free agency prior to the 2016 NLL season.

The Swarm will receive a first-round selection (10th overall) in the 2016 NLL Draft and one selection at the conclusion of the first round of the 2017 NLL Draft for losing forward Callum Crawford, who signed with the Colorado Mammoth. Georgia was also awarded a second-round selection (20th overall) in 2016 after defenseman Greg Downing signed with the Mammoth.

The Roughnecks have been awarded a second-round selection (21st overall) in the 2016 NLL Draft for losing defenseman Jeff Moleski, who signed with the Vancouver Stealth.

The Bandits will receive a third-round selection (31st overall) in the 2016 NLL Draft after losing defenseman Derek Suddons to the New England Black Wolves.

The awarding of compensatory draft selections is outlined in the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement under Article 7 (Free Agency) in Section 7.2 (Unrestricted Free Agency):

F. Compensatory Draft Selections. Any club that loses an Unrestricted Free Agent shall be eligible to receive a compensatory draft selection(s) that will be issued by the League in a formula to be determined solely by the League.

Information regarding the 2016 NLL Draft and Combine (including eligibility and registration information) will be announced in the coming weeks with more details forthcoming.


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