Arena Lacrosse League

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Arena Lacrosse League, Uncategorized

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Yes it is back again. Launching in January 2017.  Although the business model seems questionable at best.

The league is for players 18 and older and will use National Lacrosse League rules with the hope of one day becoming the NLL’s official minor league.

Small step in the right direction.

Players will pay a registration fee. It will make them more invested and ease some pressure of relying on gate receipts and sponsorship to cover costs, said St. John. They are looking at a $10 ticket price.

Yeah good luck with that. The talent level in the league might be on equal to a low level minor league. 

The league will own all six franchises, also based in Oshawa, Paris, Six Nations, St. Catharines and Toronto. Games will be played at three, possibly four, venues with double- and triple-headers to cut costs.

This is a smart business move.

Overall we will give it less than five seasons. Before the arena league joins the grave yard of dead sports leagues. 


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