Posted: November 28, 2016 in NLL

Press Release

Well the NLL is going to be charging for games. Cannot really be surprised by this, as the commissioner mentioned this in interviews. Even previous league surveys pointed towards a pay model.

Now lets take a look at the two options shall we.

  1. 34.95 for all season pass. Afforadable check. However, we see no mention for about playoffs.
  2. 29.95 team pass. Why? Pay five dollars more and get all league games. Probably would of made the team pass cheaper.

Is the on floor product worth 34.95 for the entire season? Probably not as eighteen games are just too long. The game themselves tend to lack excitement. We think the league might be shooting themselves in both feet, with this pay model. As a new fan, why would you pay for something that you might not like? As for the old fans going back to the MILL era. Yeah, they might be saying Screw you NLL. I know we are.



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