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Nice fluff piece light on details.  It just rehashes what is already known.


Philadelphia Wings

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So we are bouncing around on social media today, and we come across NLLWings twitter handle.  Link Here

Update  – Phillylax18 deleted the tweet made by a user mentioning the NLLWings twitter handle.

Dana Feigenbaum is the digital manager for PhillyLax18. Twitter here


Forwards: Ryan Benesch, Chris Wardle, Jacob Ruest, Stephen Keogh, Jeremy Noble, Eli McLaughlin, Ryan Lee, Brody Eastwood

Defensemen: Josh Sullivan, Greg Downing, Taylor Stuart, Robert Hope, Jordan Gilles, Brad Self, Joey Cupido, Nick Ossello, Rowan Kelly, Quinn MacKay

Goalies: Dillon Ward, Steve Fryer

Practice Squad: Tim Edwards, Jarrod Neumann

Injured Reserve: Brent Adams

Physically Unable to Perform: Zack Greer, Dan Coates, Cameron Holding, Bryce Sweeting


Recap Two

Rock led 7-5 at half. New England looks like they will be offensively challenged in the upcoming season.


Forwards (8): Josh Currier, Dan Dawson, Eric Fannell, Kyle Jackson, Dan Lomas, Joe Resetarits, Austin Shanks, Cory Vitarelli

Defensemen (9): Scott Campbell, Paul Dawson, Graeme Hossack, Ian Llord, Luc Magnan, Billy Dee Smith, Eric Shewell, Sid Smith, Jake Withers

Transition (1): Brad Gillies

Goalies (2): Angus Goodleaf, Matt Vinc

Practice Squad (4): Greg Longboat, Adam Perroni, Quinn Powless, Mike Triolo

Physically Unable to Perform List (1): Dylan Evans

Injured Reserve List (1): Cody Jamieson

Forwards (6): Holden Cattoni, Curtis Dickson, Tyler Digby, Dane Dobbie, Vaughn Harris, Riley Loewen

Defencemen (3): Greg Harnett, Anthony Kalinich, Curtis Manning

Defencemen/Transition (9): Tyson Bell, Tyler Burton, Chad Cummings, Zach Currier, Dan MacRae, Garrett McIntosh, Tyler Pace, Creighton Reid, Mitch Wilde

Goaltenders (2): Christian Del Bianco, Frank Scigliano

Forwards (7): Shayne Jackson ‘A’, Jesse King, Kiel Matisz, Johnny Powless, Randy Staats, Lyle Thompson and Miles Thompson

Transition (5): Frank Brown*, Bryan Cole, Jordan MacIntosh ‘C’, Jerome Thompson and Zed Williams*

Defensemen (5): Alex Crepinsek, Jason Noble ‘A’, John Ranagan, Connor Sellars and Leo Stouros

Goaltenders (3): Kevin Orleman*, Mike Poulin and Warren Hill*

Practice Squad (4): Liam Byrnes (D), Isaiah Davis-Allen* (D), Lauchlin Elder* (D) and Brayden Hill* (D),

Holdout List (3): Jordan Hall (F), Mason Jones (G), Ethan O’Connor (T) and Joel White (T)

Physically Unable to Perform List (1): Chad Tutton (T)


Forwards (8): Josh Byrne, Callum Crawford, Jordan Durston, Craig England, Chase Fraser, Mitch Jones, Pat Saunders, Dhane Smith

Transition (2): Kevin Brownell, Mark Steenhuis

Defensemen (8): Reid Acton, Matthew Bennett, Mitch de Snoo, Justin Martin, Steve Priolo, Ethan Schott, Ryan Wagner, Nick Weiss

Goalies (2): Alex Buque, Davide Diruscio

Practice Squad (3): Gowah Abrams, Zach Reid, Liam Patten