Will the Seals stay in San Diego?

Posted: May 7, 2019 in NLL, San Diego Seals

No the Seals are not moving…not yet anyway.  However, one has to wonder if San Diego sports fans will embrace the Seals franchise over the long haul. Early returns are not promising.

From a season high opening night crowd of 11,323 to a season low crowd of 5,005 for a home playoff game.  The Seals averaged 7,769 fans for nine home games and 5,005 for one home playoff game. Although the announced numbers do not pass the eyeball test at times.

While Seals are not in any immediate danger of relocating. One has to wonder if the Seals are in San Diego for the long haul. Season two could be very telling if attendance does not increase.

Which would be a black eye for the league that is desperate to gain a foothold in the Western US after failures in Anaheim, Arizona, and San Jose and expansion to San Francisco ( Which is another failure just waiting to happen, but that is a topic for another time.)





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