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We know what you are thinking. Not another Rochester to Halifax article. Just make it stop already.

“We had been looking for a new home for the Rochester Knighthawks for awhile, but it had to be the right fit. We looked at cities across North America, and none of them compared to Halifax,” Styres told a packed sports bar in Halifax.

Rochester was on borrowed time for years. 


“We firmly believe this trend is going to continue. We have more teams coming. I think over the next decade to 12 years, you’re going to see a 30-team league emerge in one of the most dynamics sports in North America.”

Nick has gone all in on expanding the NLL to 30 teams. Looks likes the league is desperate for the expansion money. Currently the 11 team NLL is hard to watch. If we see the day when the NLL reaches 30 teams, the product will be completely unwatchable.  


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1. The team will keep the name, Rochester Knighthawks, and begin play in the 2019-20 season.

2. The Pegulas will pay an expansion fee, believed to be in the neighborhood of $5 million, about what Curt Styres paid when he bought the franchise in June 2008.

3. Styres will move his franchise to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the 2019-20 season. The franchise will announce its name at a later date. Styres can retain any players and coaches he desires who are under contract. An expansion draft will be held to help stock the new Knighthawks.

4. The team will play at an improved Blue Cross Arena. The $20 million in improvements include a new scoreboard, new locker rooms and possibly new restaurant called “585.” The Pegulas operate a sports bar/restaurant at Harborcenter in Buffalo called “716.”

5. The Pegulas will continue to own a second NLL team, the Buffalo Bandits.

Press Release 

Coverage in Halifax

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Press Release

Curt Styres will be relocate the Rochester Knighthawks to Halifax for the 2019-2020 NLL season.

Rochester will be granted an expansion franchise to be run by Pegula Sports Entertainment.

H/t to CZmafia for breaking the news at the Knighthawks Alumni night back in March.

Halifax Press Conference

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Sounds like Halifax is coming

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Halifax has an October 31 deadline to join Philadelphia and the San Diego Seals in time for the 2019 Season according to a previous  interview with the commissioner.



Where the hell is Halifax, Canada? I’ll tell you where, it is an Atlantic Ocean Port located in eastern Canada. Halifax is actually the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. The place is gorgeous and has a HUGE maritime history, but it is mainly known for the Citadel, a star-shaped for built in the 1850s. That is your history lesson for the day lol. They have one of the best junior hockey teams in all of Canada, the Halifax Mooseheads. The Mooseheads play in the Scotiabank Centre, which is located in the heart of downtown, holds a capacity of 11,000 people. NLL has added two American teams and why wouldn’t they add one in Canada? The NLL commissioner is the absolute man! Adding a team here would be amazing the place is beautiful! It has one major team in a perfect location. After researching Halifax, I’m sold in having a team there. Maybe we will have an announcement later this week!

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