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East Division ( According to the Wings)

Georgia – New England – New York – Philadelphia

Division 2

Buffalo – Halifax – Rochester – Toronto

West Division

Calgary – Colorado –  San Diego – Saskatchewan – Vancouver






Box Score

Attendance 9,150

Another slow start clips the Wings. Wings again found themselves in an early hole could not dig out.   It was 5-0 Roughnecks before the Wing found rope 2:48 into the second quarter on a goal by Jordan Hall.

Curtis Dickson led the Necks with four goals and six assists. Josh Currier led the Wings with five goals and one assist. Paul Day has his work cut out for him in the offseason.

Did not seem like 9,150 in the house.

Calgary improves to 8-8 and Philadelphia falls to 3-12.

Up Next

Friday April 12 Georgia at Calgary 9:30 PM ET

Saturday April 13 Philadelphia at Saskatchewan 9:30 PM ET


Rock will get back forward Adam Jones tonight and here is the list of disciplinary action.

Nik Bilic Saskatchewan Mar 30 Rescind Game Misconduct, Rule 80.2

Owen Barker Vancouver Mar 30 Game Misconduct, Rule 70.8

Casey Jackson San Diego Mar 30 Major, Rule 63.2

Callum Crawford New England Mar 31 Major, Rule 85.3

Andrew Suitor New England Mar 31 Game Misconduct, Rule 80.2

Chad Cummings Calgary Mar 30 Major, Rule 63.2

Eli Salama Calgary Mar 30 Major, Rule 63.2


Matt Beers Vancouver Mar 23 PLPA has requested case be heard by a Hearing Officer: Match Penalty, One game suspension, Rule 70.9

Box Score

Attendance 10,854

With the victory the Seals continue to put distance between themselves and the rest of the West division. Kyle Buchanan led the Seals with four goals and four assists. Frank Scigliano made 44 saves for the Seals. Curtis Dickson led the Rougnecks with three goals and two assists.

Even with the loss the Roughnecks have clinched a playoff spot. (Its not that difficult to make the playoffs in the West division. Since the West division sucks. )

San Diego improves to 9-4 and Calgary falls to 7-8.

Up Next

Friday April 5 San Diego at Georgia 7:35 PM ET

Saturday April 6 Calgary at Philadelphia 12:00 PM ET

The Saturday April 13 game Georgia at Calgary has been moved to Friday April 12  9:30 PM ET face off.

Box Score

Attendance 5,394

Another poor crowd in Rochester to see the Hawks lose to the Roughnecks and fall into the NLL East Division basement. The Hawks led 7-6 at halftime and manged to score only two goals over the last thirty minutes and fall to the Roughnecks.

Curtis Dickson led the Roughnecks with five goals and four assists. Christian Del Bianco made 48 saves for the Roughnecks. Kyle Jackson led the Hawks with three goals and one assists.

Calgary improves to 7-7 and Rochester falls to 2-11

Up Next

Saturday March 30 San Diego at Calgary 9:00 PM ET

Sunday March 31 Rochester at New England 1:00 PM ET

Box Score

Attendance 13,946

Kyle Killen led the Mammoth with three goals and two assists. Dillon Ward made 35 saves for the Mammoth. Dane Dobbie led the Roughnecks with two goals and four assists.

Colorado improve to 4-8 and Calgary falls to 6-7

Up Next

Friday March 22 Colorado at Vancouver 10:00 PM ET

Saturday March 23 Calgary at Rochester 7:30 PM ET

Box Score

Attendance 10,674

The Roughnecks used a five goal run that stretched between the first and second quarter to crush the Rock.  Rys Duch led the Roughnecks with four goals and two assists.

Up Next

Saturday March 16 Rochester at Toronto 7:00 PM ET

Saturday March 16 Colorado at Calgary 9:00 PM ET

Press Release

Another day and the Hawks make another deal and continue to shuffle deck chairs on the titanic.

This time the Hawks acquired Chris Boushy from the Roughnecks for a fourth round pick in 2020.

Expect more deals in the coming days with the trade deadline March 11.