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Box Score

Attendance 10,509

Wings suffered another slow start and trailed 4-0 after one quarter and never recovered. Matt Rambo got the Wings on the board 57 seconds into the second quarter, only to see the Bandits score the next two goals. Doug Buchan was pulled after 23:00 minutes of play and replaced by  David DiRuscio. Wings tied the game at 10-10 in the fourth quarter,  only to watch the Bandits go on a four goal run to keep the Wings winless.

Dhane Smith had two goals and six assists to lead the Bandits. Matt Vinc made 49 saves.  Kevin Crowley had three goals and two assists to lead the Wings.

Anyone seen number two overall pick Chris Cloutier?

The Wings sit at 0-5 and halfway to the 1996 Charlotte Cobras record of 0-10.

Buffalo improves to 4-1 and Philadelphia falls to 0-5

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Saturday January 26 Toronto at Philadelphia 7:00 PM ET

Saturday January 26 Buffalo at Rochester 8:00 PM ET



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Played for the Peterborough Lakers in Major Series Lacrosse.

National Lacrosse League commissioner Nick Sakiewicz added that, beginning next week, the module of the NLL’s media training for player and coaches specific to Indigenous traditions and history will be made mandatory for everyone involved in each franchise, including PA announcers, in-game hosts, and TV personnel.

“We have a zero tolerance for this,” Sakiewicz told The Spectator late Monday afternoon. “The individual involved will not be doing anything within the Wings, or the league, in the future. We take this very seriously.”

Sakiewicz pointed out that about 20 per cent of the league’s players are Indigenous, that two of the NLL’s 11 franchises — the Rochester Knighthawks and New England Black Wolves — have Indigenous ownership and that the Morning Star, a symbol of hope and guidance for many First Nations, is prominent on the league logo. He said that “Where all this comes from — and I mean racism — is all founded in ignorance.”

The league will attack that ignorance through education, and Sakiewicz says he has already exchanged a number of texts with Thompson about potential initiatives. More Here


So this statement was put out just a couple hours ago by Lyle Thompson.


NLL and member clubs embrace PC culture.



Swarm Statement

Posted: January 14, 2019 in Georgia Swarm, NLL, Philadelphia Wings


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For anyone who missed Thompson’s reaction.


Shawny Hill Responds

Posted: January 13, 2019 in NLL, Philadelphia Wings

Typical cookie cutter general response. So people get offended by high school racism now?  The PC culture continues to go too far.


Scalp Update

Posted: January 13, 2019 in NLL, Philadelphia Wings

So the Wings and the league both put out statements this morning.

Pretty vague statement by the Wings stating “swift disciplinary measures and educational measures.” without stating in detail what exactly those measures are.

Sounds like the announcer was told to not do it again and will get a little sensitivity  training.

More PC bullshit

You can review the Wings response and the leagues general response below.



Posted: January 13, 2019 in Georgia Swarm, NLL, Philadelphia Wings

  Tweet Here The chant by the Philly fans after the PA announcer made a comment  is classic Philly.  We have heard a lot worse sitting in the 700 level at the old  Veteran Stadium and the Spectrum and the MCI center at a Power game and the Coliseum on Long Island at Saints games.

Just another example of people looking for a reason to be offended and the PC culture destroying society.  Remember when people were not so easily offended? They were the good old days.