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New York Announcement Delayed

Posted: November 14, 2018 in New York, NLL, Uncategorized

Due to the ongoing CBA negotiations. We will just have to wait for the league to officially welcome New York to the NLL.

H/t Lax Sports Net

Part One and Part Two

Next time you hear someone say lacrosse players play for the love of game. Show them this quote from Peter Schmitz.




New York NLL Fun with Twitter

Posted: November 10, 2018 in New York, NLL, Uncategorized


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The Latest from the PLPA

Posted: November 9, 2018 in NLL, Uncategorized

While the league has remained tight lip on the CBA negotiations, the PLPA has taken to social media to plead their case to the fans. It makes the players come across as greedy and desperate.  Looks like both sides have dug in and are waiting for the other side to blink. Got think the league is close to postponing the start of the season in the very near future.




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Wings Turf

Posted: October 30, 2018 in NLL, Philadelphia Wings, Uncategorized


Rock sign three more

Posted: October 24, 2018 in NLL, Toronto Rock, Uncategorized

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Nov 4 Georgia vs Toronto 2 PM ET

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