Length – Fiver years starting with 2018-2019 season. Sides can opt out of CBA after three years.

Salary Cap – $431,600

Active Rosters – 21

Teams will continue to dress 17 runners and two goalies.

Injured Reserve – The league no longer has first level and second level injured reserve. The league uses injured reserve and season ending injured reserve. Player on injured reserve must miss at least one game and be on injured reserve for at least four days.


The League’s awarding of a compensatory draft selection(s) for losing an Unrestricted Free Agent is authorized by Section 7.2(D) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement:


  1. Compensatory Draft Selections. Any Club that loses an Unrestricted Free Agent shall be eligible to receive a compensatory draft selection(s) that will be issued by the League in a formula to be determined solely by the League.