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Stealth Coaching Changes

Posted: February 21, 2018 in NLL, Vancover Stealth

Press Release

Kevin Alexander takes over on offense and Art Webster takes over on Defense.  Stealth are just shuffling deck chairs on the titanic.  Unfortunately Locker and Batley are still employed.


Press Release 

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He will be replaced on the coaching staff by Clem D’Orazio, who previously served as coordinator of player personnel and scouting manager for the Black Wolves.

Coyle Named Head Coach

Posted: February 18, 2017 in NLL, Uncategorized

Article Here

Shuffling the deck chairs on the titanic. At what point do you ask questions about Steve Govett? Is it time for Govett to step aside?

Stealth bring in Jamie Batley to replace Dan Perrault as Head Coach. Might be the kick in the ass the Stealth need. Or it will not save the sinking ship. With rumors of ownership meddling with the on the floor product.

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