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Well Roughneck fans can be easy now that Curtis Dickson hold out is over. The team announced a multi year contract wit the star forward this morning.

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Robert Church signs with Rush

Posted: December 21, 2018 in NLL, saskatchewan rush

Robert Church signs on for three more years, ending his holdout.

Now we wait for Berg, Dickson, and Crowley….we might just be waiting awhile, if you listen to the agents.

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There’s still time for a deal. Calgary, according to Warriors representatives, has until 3 p.m. on Friday to declare its roster for the weekend. (However, unlikely that deal maybe)

How many comps did the Canucks give out? 

Richard Furlong

Posted: December 16, 2018 in Calgary Roughnecks, NLL

You are probably reading this and thinking who TF is Richard Furlong.  Richard Furlong is the agent for Wes Berg and Curtis Dickson. According to Furlong ( take this all with a grain of salt or ton of salt). Negotiations to get both players back on the floor for the Roughnecks, are going so poorly, that both players could sit out the entire season.   ( Looks like Richard took a page from the Peter Schmitz media tour. )

We doubt both players are willing to sit out the entire season. We suspect both players will sign eventually or maybe a trade will happen.


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“It doesn’t mean he’s done at all, he can still come back to us. We hold his rights. He can go and talk to other teams, but he can come back to us and we’re continuing the dialogue to, hopefully, come to a conclusion,” Lisk added.

Got to think at some point Lisk got to start making calls and see what other GM’s will offer in a trade. 

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Where is Kevin Crowley?

“Kevin is signed to the Black Wolves under our franchise tag. The franchise tag is something the league gives us to “franchise” a player, pay him the highest base salary in the league, and protects the team’s rights to him.  Each team only gets one franchise tag.

In the summer, we franchised Kevin. We offered him a multi-year contract with the hopes that he would commit to the Black Wolves and be part of the plan to win a championship here in New England.  Kevin has chosen not to report to the team. We are adamant that we want players that are committed to the Black Wolves.  We have offered Kevin a contract that we believe is fair and would be thrilled if Kevin wants to play for us.”

Got to think something has to give sooner rather than later, between Crowley and the Black Wolves.  Could Day be dumb enough to mortage the future for Crowley? 


The Calgary Roughnecks have placed Wes Berg and Curtis Dickson on the Protected Player List from the Active Roster.

The deal will get done hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Calgary Tidbits

Posted: December 7, 2018 in Calgary Roughnecks, NLL

So Curtis Dickson and Wes Berg have not come to contract terms with the Roughneck yet. Contract negotiations are always fun. Boy are we glad, that we are not in that line of work anymore, we sure do not miss those days.

Such is Life in the NLL

Posted: November 1, 2017 in Georgia Swarm, NLL



While this is a blow to the Swarm. Lets not shed any tears. Georgia will still be very good.