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Maybe in time for next season, the NLL will invest in a reliable streaming service? Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on our part. Its a black eye for the league  when it’s streaming service cannot stay up for an entire game, especially during the playoffs.

Power outage during a playoff game or at least that is what is being reported on social media.




Guess Jim Else wasn’t around back in the day when  message board posters or RA would break news long before the league made it official.  Its always amusing to watch these hacks meltdown.


NLL Free Agency

Posted: August 1, 2018 in NLL
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So August 1st is here. Dam where did the month of July go? You think the NLL would have a list available on the league website detailing unrestricted free agents and restricted free agents and franchise player designations. Is that too much to ask for?

The league finally got to around updating the transaction page. Hopefully the league will post the protected players list in a timely manner.  Reminder the protected lists are due Monday July 2nd.


Vancouver Stealth

Posted: February 16, 2018 in NLL, Vancover Stealth

Someone tell Denise Watkins to get off twitter and work on fixing the problems with her lacrosse team.  Start by firing Doug Locker and Jamie Batley and Batley’s assistants.  Followed by blowing up the roster in the off-season. The Stealth desperately need a house cleaning both on the management side and the player side.

Posted: January 6, 2018 in NLL

Sure be nice if league office would find someone to keep the scores updated on

Pointstreak is also not working tonight due to recent technical issues.