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We know what you are thinking. Not another Rochester to Halifax article. Just make it stop already.

“We had been looking for a new home for the Rochester Knighthawks for awhile, but it had to be the right fit. We looked at cities across North America, and none of them compared to Halifax,” Styres told a packed sports bar in Halifax.

Rochester was on borrowed time for years. 


“We firmly believe this trend is going to continue. We have more teams coming. I think over the next decade to 12 years, you’re going to see a 30-team league emerge in one of the most dynamics sports in North America.”

Nick has gone all in on expanding the NLL to 30 teams. Looks likes the league is desperate for the expansion money. Currently the 11 team NLL is hard to watch. If we see the day when the NLL reaches 30 teams, the product will be completely unwatchable.  

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1. The team will keep the name, Rochester Knighthawks, and begin play in the 2019-20 season.

2. The Pegulas will pay an expansion fee, believed to be in the neighborhood of $5 million, about what Curt Styres paid when he bought the franchise in June 2008.

3. Styres will move his franchise to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the 2019-20 season. The franchise will announce its name at a later date. Styres can retain any players and coaches he desires who are under contract. An expansion draft will be held to help stock the new Knighthawks.

4. The team will play at an improved Blue Cross Arena. The $20 million in improvements include a new scoreboard, new locker rooms and possibly new restaurant called “585.” The Pegulas operate a sports bar/restaurant at Harborcenter in Buffalo called “716.”

5. The Pegulas will continue to own a second NLL team, the Buffalo Bandits.


Coverage in Halifax

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Press Release

This move has been rumored for months. Hopefully the league will now spend the money and get some respectable and experienced on air talent.

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We cannot see number four happening. Years ago the NLL allowed persons to own more than one team. We cannot see the NLL going back to that particular ownership model. Buckle up it is going to be a fun offseason.

1—The K-Hawks leaving Rochester is an unfounded rumor and pure speculation.

2—Styres could move the team, possibly to Halifax, a lacrosse-loving city where he’d probably be the toast of the town and get a sweetheart arena deal.

3—Styres could acquire an NLL expansion team and play at Six Nations in Ontario. It is a relatively small arena but the team would have a passionate following.

4—The Pegulas could take over operation of Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. The K-hawks would remain in Rochester. A new NLL by-law permits a person(s) to own more than one team. Was this by-law inserted to allow for this specific situation? The Pegulas, who own the NLL Buffalo Bandits, presumably would seek a new owner for the K-hawks. I assume Jody Gage would play a prominent role in selecting a coach and stocking the team.


Stealth Exit

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Attention Nick Sakiewicz, trouble in Langley. Lack of fans and money losing franchise. The franchise has been struggling since it’s days in Albany. Both on  the balance sheet and to attract fans. As the wins do not come. Neither do the fans.

Will Watkins pull the plug? Seems like we are getting closer to the tipping point.

“I don’t want to say we have to make the playoffs this season to survive, but it’s hugely important to make the playoffs to show our fans we are a great team worthy of their support.” – Doug Locker

Unless things start trending in a more positive direction, there’s a point where Watkins is going to look for something or somewhere different. Could be five years down the line. Could be three. Could be sooner.

Locker takes exception to the critics or the social media rumour mill that suggests the Stealth are in imminent danger of relocating.

Watkins, who lives in Pleasant Hill, Calif., says she has traveled “hundreds of thousands of miles” attending her team’s games and functions over the years. She figures it has cost her more than $14 million to operate the NLL franchise since the Stealth played in San Jose, Calif. (2004 to 2009), then Everett (2010 to 2013) and now Langley.

“But we don’t have Facebook money. We don’t have a bottomless pit to keep it going at all costs. We need to fill all the seats at LEC just to break even.”

Sounds like the team might have one foot out the door already.


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Sorry Minnesota fans. Philly fans feel your pain. More to come later…..

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