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B/R Subscriber Count

Posted: June 25, 2019 in NLL
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More than 20,000 subscribers for the NLL channel on B/R live this past season. At least that is the number the league is telling people.  So take it with a grain of salt.


Press Release

In typical NLL fashion they announce this deal after game one of the finals has already been played. Stadium is a solid service we use the service during college football season. 

However, this deal continues to show that the NLL has NOT risen above Niche Sport status in the United States. 


The National Lacrosse League and its global media partner, Bleacher Report Live, have announced a partnership with Stadium throughout the duration of the NLL Finals between the Buffalo Bandits and the Calgary Roughnecks.

Each game of the Finals will be aired in the United States by Stadium in its entirety on a delayed basis.

Live NLL Finals games will be available in the U.S. and Canada on the B/R Live website ( and apps. Stadium will re-air the games as follows:

· Game 1: Premiere at 8:00 pm ET on Tuesday, May 21; repeat at 1:30 pm ET on Saturday, May 25
· Game 2: Premiere at 8:00 pm ET on Tuesday, May 28; repeat at 2:30 pm ET on Saturday, June 1

· Game 3 (if necessary): Premiere at 8:00 pm ET on Tuesday, June 4; repeat at 1:30 pm ET on Saturday, June 8

Maybe in time for next season, the NLL will invest in a reliable streaming service? Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on our part. Its a black eye for the league  when it’s streaming service cannot stay up for an entire game, especially during the playoffs.

Power outage during a playoff game or at least that is what is being reported on social media.



Press Release

Leave it to the league. To leave out the part about fanseat requiring a $7.99 non us dollars monthly fee.

Stop us if you heard this before. But BR Live stream crap the bed tonight during the New England and Philadelphia game.  Low quality feed that continues to drop out or freezes.

We will be cancelling our subscription to BR LIVE after tonight’s issues. We suggest others do the same.


More BR Live

Posted: January 20, 2019 in NLL
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Few post down we noted that BR live was having technical issues Saturday night. Apparently the NLL was not the only league affected, the technical issues also affected NBA league pass.

It will be interesting see if BR live discloses what exactly the technical problems were that caused the service interruption more Here

BR Live

Posted: January 19, 2019 in NLL

10:33 PM ET and the NLL announces the BR live issues have been resolved and games will be available in full on demand. ( no refund? About fucking time) Never mind we missed two complete games. Nice going NLL and BR Live.

10:50 PM ET and users are still reporting issues. Come on BR Live get it together.


B/R Live Craps the Bed

Posted: January 19, 2019 in NLL, Uncategorized

B/R live is experiencing technical issues tonight. Glad we did not buy the Wings at Bandits game.

NLL TV streaming issues

Posted: May 4, 2018 in NLL, NLL Playoffs

Get it fixed NLL. nllplayoff Part II

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Press Release 

The new OTT video platform will feature both paid and free content for fans. Paid subscriptions, which will go on sale November 29, 2016, include access to live, full-length, regular season games under three tiered options: a full-season pass for $34.95, single-team pass for $24.95, or single-game purchases for $4.95 each. This content will be available exclusively to paid subscribers during the live window of the game and for the first 24 hours thereafter. Special rates are also available for season ticket holders– $27.96 for full-season passes and $19.96 for single-team passes. All users, for free, will be able to view ad-supported content including: full-length games on-demand after 24 hours, highlights, short-form features and archive games and programs.